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White De-Icing Salt (25kg)

  • After winter there is no residue to sweep up and no drains to be cleared
  • Increases pedestrian safety
  • Prolongs the life of your spreading equipment
  • Harvested from sustainable sources around the Mediterranean Sea
  • 25kg
JMS ID: 10047 Web ID: 10620
Pack Size: 25kg Weight (kg): 25
Model Number: DEI0025   
Increases pedestrian safety, leaving no visible residue!

Suitable for all your de-icing needs, this white de-icing salt is made from evaporated sea water sourced from around the Mediterranean.

White de-icing salt is very clean & leaves no visible residue, making it ideal for areas of high foot traffic such as gardens, driveways, paths, pavements, car parks & shopping centres. This de-icing salt features an anti-caking agent which allows the salt to be spread easily either manually or using a spreader without the salt clumping.

As well as being more aesthetically pleasing than brown rock salt, JMS recommend using the white de-icing salt in areas where there is a lot of human foot traffic going into buildings with carpeted areas as brown residue stains can be caused by using brown rock salt. White de-icing salt leaves no visible residue, as well as increasing pedestrian safety.

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