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  • 20% neutral detergent with a fresh lemon fragrance
  • Use for hand dishwashing, also for work tops, walls/floors, upholstery & vehicles
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Manufactured from non-hazardous raw materials
  • 20 litre quantity (also available as 5 litre container or 1 litre bottles)
JMS ID: 1435 Web ID: 11571
Pack Size: 20 LTR Weight (kg): 20
Model Number: 13012GOJMS   
A quality 20% Active Lemon Washing up liquid

JMS Lemon Detergent is 20% neutral detergent - use for hand dishwashing. Also ideal for cleaning worktops, walls/floors, upholstery and vehicles.

This JMS product is fully biodegradable & manfactured from non-hazardous raw materials.

Fresh lemon fragrance.

20 litres of product ( also available as 5 litre container or 1 litre bottles)


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