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JMS Citrafresh

  • All round washroom maintainer
  • Used daily, removes limescale
  • Cleans and sanitises all surfaces including:stainless steel,porcelain,chromium,ceramics
  • Kills odour producing bacteria
  • 5 Litre Pack
JMS ID: 1073 Web ID: 11384
Pack Size: 5 litres Weight (kg): 5.3
Model Number: JMS0006A   
Cleans and Sanitises all washroom surfaces

JMS Citrafresh is an all round washroom maintainer with a pleasant citrus smell. Citrafresh helps remove daily limescale, cleans and sanitises all surfaces and kills odour producing bacteria.

This JMS product can be used on a variety of surfaces including:stainless steel; procelain; chromium & ceramics. DO NOT use on marble or terrazzo surfaces.

Citra fresh trigger can be used in conjuction with Citrafresh toilet cleaner leaving the whole bathroom smelling citrus fresh.

5 litre container of product to use neat or dilute as necessary (also available in 1 litre ready-to-use trigger sprays)

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